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CDS Inc. is a Design/Engineering and Manufacturing organization, offering superior services by applying knowledge, creativity and innovative design approaches to develop advanced products. 

CDS’ Services include:

Design & Engineering:
CDS Design & Engineering Staff use state-of-the-art design tools like SolidWorks™ to create CAD renderings of potential projects (a.k.a. “feasibility studies”) in addition to detailed drawings for fabrication.  Since 2000, CDS has amassed a library of literally thousands of CAD drawings of studies and projects; a terrific resource for quickly evaluating the viability and cost of new products.

For CDS fabricated Products and Solutions, we provide free CAD studies for your proposals.  CDS also offers design services by contract.

For a company considering bringing a new product to market or a multinational corporation wanting to outfit a number of offices worldwide, CDS prototyping is a prudent way to ensure optimal design form and function.  After a series of CAD iterations, typically one or two full scale prototypes are produced for practical review.  These “p-types” allow for real, facile interaction and are used to hone details to perfection before mass production.

CDS Inc. works with a number of raw and finished materials including wood, plastic, metal, glass, rubber and textiles to create custom products of many different types.  We have a climate-controlled room for multi-element screen fabrication.  Using CNC Milling, Machining, Welding, Carpentry, Upholstery and Electro-mechanics, CDS transforms raw goods into unique, finished custom displays, mounts, furniture and enclosures.

Certified Factory Testing:
We manufacture our products and solutions in our 15,000 sq. ft. facility in Southern California.  Designing, building and testing in-house allows us the flexibility to push the envelope of possibility, modifying concepts on the fly to achieve superior results.  We test and certify each of our designs before shipment to ensure success in the field.

A CDS crew is always ready to assist with the installation of CDS products. We offer installation support worldwide… there’s virtually no place we won’t go!



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